AmBIENCe & ENEA joint webinar

The joint event of AmBIENCe and ENEA was a success and gathered more than 30 italian stakeholders. We are looking forward to future opportunities of discussing energy performance contracting models!

If you missed the session, you can watch the recording at any time.

All presentations are also available for download:

  • Introduction to the AmBIENCe project (Annick Vastiau)
  • Enablers and barriers for the Active building EPC in Italy (Marialaura Di Somma)
  • AEPC concept & Business Model (Tiago Soares)
  • The “ABEPeM” platform (Jef Verbeeck)
  • Market Potential and Outlook (Lieven Vanstraelen)
  • Belgian Pilot (Lieven Vanstraelen)
  • Portuguese Pilot (Claire Harvey)

A big thank you goes to all researchers and partners involved in this event.

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See you on the next webinar!


Active Managed Buildings
with Energy Performance Contracting

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