The European Commission states that the EU building stock currently accounts for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emissions. How can deep renovation initiatives improve the energy efficiency of Europe’s residential buildings? dotLab Radio Host Patrick Haughey (Founder and MD of Audiobrand) welcomes Lieven Vanstraelen (Partner and Senior Business Consultant at Energyinvest) and Dr. Victor Fabregat Tena (Head of the R&D Department at REGENERA).

Listen in for the latest on two Horizon 2020 projects active in the deep renovation field, featuring insider insights into building envelope solutions, the electrification of heat production systems, energy performance contracting, and product-as-a-service (PaaS) renovation approaches. This episode of dotLAB Radio is sponsored by RINNO, a Horizon 2020 project that aims to deliver a set of integrated technologies and processes for managing deep renovation projects.