June 18, 15h-16.30h (CEST)
Webinar | Enablers and barriers for the Active Building EPC: Flexibility aspect
Speaker: Nilufar Neyestani, Senior Researcher at INESC TEC

One of the key solutions to unlock the potential of buildings towards energy savings, energy costs, and CO2 emissions reduction is to identify smart energy services that aim at exploring flexibility from demand-side resources.

Although Energy Performance Contracting (EPC) schemes proved to be effective means of providing energy efficiency services, demand-side flexibility exploitation still faces several barriers. Advances in different technological fields such as ICT, Internet of Things, sensorization equipment, and automated control devices enable the possibilities of obtaining flexibility from the buildings, however, adopting an Active Control approach of buildings increases using their inherent flexibility to further reduce losses or costs.

In this webinar, Nilufar Neyestani, from INESC TEC, is going to present the technical enablers and barriers of Active Building Energy Performance Contracting with a focus on flexibility aspects. The factors that affect considering the flexibility as a recourse and its valorization will be discussed. This webinar presents the current findings from AmBIENCe project which shows how turning buildings into Active Buildings and adopting Active Building EPC can increase the energy efficiency and energy performance of a building.

This initiative is part of a series of webinars organised by the consortium. The three webinars will focus on enablers, barriers and opportunities to develop the AmBIENCe business model. Save the date:

  • June 11 | Enablers and barriers for the Active Building EPC: Regulatory aspects (link)
  • June 29 | “Exploring the Business model and opportunity for the Active building EPC” (link)

This event is powered by the Energy Days Initiative organised every year by the European Commission within the scope of the Sustainable Energy Week. Organised by local public and private organisations, Energy Days are activities and events that promote a clean energy transition.