ENEA is the Italian National Agency for New Technologies, Energy and Sustainable Economic Development. It is the second major Italian public research organization, with around 2700 staff employees distributed in its 9 research centres all over the national territory. The Agency’s activities are mainly focused on Energy Efficiency, Renewable Energy Sources, Nuclear Energy, Climate and the Environment, Safety and Health, New Technologies, Electric System Research. ENEA performs research activities and provides agency services in support to public administrations, public and private enterprises, and citizens for multidisciplinary mission-oriented researches, results dissemination, technological transfer and training activities. ENEA’s multidisciplinary competences and great expertise in managing complex research projects are put at the disposal of the country system. Specifically, its activities are devoted to: basic, mission-oriented, and industrial research exploiting wide ranging expertise as well as experimental facilities, specialized laboratories, advanced equipment. The strategic objective is to contribute to the diversification in the medium to long term, of energy sources and at the same time reducing emissions and energy dependence on fossil fuels, the spread of low-carbon economy, including through optimization use of energy.

ENEA also develops new technologies and advanced applications; provides public and private bodies with high-tech services, studies, measurements, tests and assessments; delivers training and information activities aimed at providing greater public knowledge and awareness on the Agency’s fields of competence, and a higher level of dissemination and transfer of research results, thus promoting their exploitation for production purposes. ENEA is active in participating in the Seventh Framework Programmes (FP7), H2020 Programmes and national projects funded by Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR) and Ministry of economic development (MISE).