The first pilot is the PXL University College Campus buildings in Hasselt, Belgium. The PXL University College has been active in promoting energy services, in close collaboration with BELESCO – the Belgian ESCO Association, presided by Energinvest since 2014.


Energinvest conducted an energy efficiency quick scan survey and preliminary energy performance contracting study on the 15 buildings in use on the campus. The results demonstrated interesting potential and a business case for energy savings via renovation, with a focus on the HVAC system, regulation and lighting. The project was presented at the 24th International Sustainable Development Research Society Conference, in June 2018 in Messina, Italy.


Based on the study, building-specific consumption and flexibility/storage models will be integrated into three buildings with control algorithms that determine optimal control strategies for given contexts (e.g. specific regulation and tariff structures) and scenarios (evolution of costs, etc). Additionally, specific user behaviour models may be integrated for the existing buildings using ‘big’ data (i.e. information from smart -submeters, sensors, etc).

PXL University College

Hasselt/Diepenbeek (Province of Limburg, Belgium)

3 (final scope to be confirmed in October 2019)

9 PXL departments:

  • Building B: Campus Elfde Linie
  • Building H: Camping Diepenbeek
  • Building T: Campus Vildersstraat

9.186 students and 1.041 staff members

35.660 m2

Auditoriums, class rooms, labs, offices, restaurants

  • Building B: 95,41
  • Building H: 140,11
  • Building T: 191,69

The final list of EE measures will be determined by the ESCO. This is a preliminary list based on the quick scan campaign performed by Energinvest in 2017.


Building B, H and T:

  • Automatic operation of the centralised production of heating and cooling water
  • Connection to a centralized boiler room
  • Reducing distribution losses in the boiler room
  • Insulating foil behind radiators
  • Installation of programmable smart valves
  • LED Relighting

No PV panels on the roofs

Centralised HVAC and Building Management System Centralised lighting control (in buildings B and H). No energy monitoring today.

Special attention will be put on the “educational” aspect of the EPC, as PXL organizes the first Post Graduate Program “Energy Efficiency Services” in Europe and the building H is used by the PXL Tech Department as a living lab for new technology by teachers and students.