The Belgian pilot selected by Energinvest is a residential building, called ”Château Parmentier”, located in Seneffe, Belgium. The residential building was built in 1912 and is a typical example of a “maison de maître” (urban mansion). This means that there are some major constraints on insulation from the outside for aesthetic reasons, but also because of urban regulations. This site has been chosen, after 3 previous attempts to find a pilot site, in close cooperation with one of the partner companies’ senior partners.
To meet pilot project deadlines, keep maximum control over data collection and other project parameters, including key decisions, the partner of Energinvest, in charge of the Belgian pilot, proposed his own residential house as pilot building. This changed the scope significantly compared to the previous public and commercial buildings, but also created new opportunities demonstrating AEPC in residential buildings.

This EPC will include a number of EE and RE measures: building envelope insulation, PV, heat pump, Electrical Vehicle (EV) charging and smart control. Both smart heating and smart EV charging control will be looked at. The purpose is to extend this EPC to become an initial Active building EPC, by adding and exploiting electrification of heat supply (i.e.. via a heat pumps) with the PV and EV charging, as well as other appliances, allowing for flexibility. Other sources of demand response could be investigated (e.g. CHP/buffer from potential future swimming pool,…).

No implemented EPC 

Residential home (incl. artist spaces and home office) 

Private owner (couple) 

Building owner (couple + 2 dogs) 

337 m2 of heated space, of which 134 fully and permanently heated in the winter, the rest partially or modularly 

Living room, dining room, TV corner, kitchen, laundry room, bedroom, bath room, home office, artist spaces, hall and staircases, storage space, guest room 

126 kWh/m2 (average for entire heated space) 

  • Building insulation (external roof insulation, window replacement, external wall insulation, ground floor insulation, single ceiling insulation 
  • Electrical Heat pump 
  • EV charging point 
  • PV solar installation (roof and wall)Estimated production: 6,7 MWh/year 
  • Installed capacity: 10,7 kWp 
  • HP/building & technical management system 
  • Intelligent EV charging system 
  • Smart equipment/energy management system 
  • Smart digital meter