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Are you interested in improving the energy performance of your buildings? The AmBIENCe project provides the new concept of active buildings energy performance contracting that increases flexibility and enhances building performance.

Our SolutionActive Energy Performance Contracting

An energy performance contract that provides performance features and guarantees and includes the additional services of an active building, in particular demand-side response and flexibility.

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How it helps
  • Improving the accessibility and quality of demand side service providers.
  • Making it available and attractive to a wider range of buildings/building owners.
  • Extending traditional energy performance guarantee (derived for instance from the building insulation levels and the presence of local generation) to also include the additional performance benefits resulting from the active control of flexibility and storage.

Concept Pillars

Buildings equipped with active control option, which can actively participate in demand response and energy efficiency programmes.

Pro-active business model enabling buildings to access markets where energy system stakeholders compete for flexibility.

Using information communication technology, the Internet of Things, sensorization equipment and automated control devices to enable the active deployment of flexibility in buildings.

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