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What isAmBIENCe?

Actively Managed Buildings with Energy Performance Contracting- is an H2020 project that aims to extend the concept of energy performance contracting for active building and making the model available and attractive to a wider range of building typologies.

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Within the AmBIENCe consortium, we are establishing a community of stakeholders who serves to benefit from the new model of active energy performance contracting. By joining our community, you can shape the design of new business and contract models. We will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge of active energy performance contracting development through our workshops, webinars and reports.

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World Sustainable Energy Days 2021

Wels, Austria


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AmBIENCe and BELESCO joint webinar

ESCO and researchers gathered to discuss the AEPC concept & business model. Revisit their presentations and watch the session recording.


AmBIENCe & BELESCO joint webinar

The joint event of AmBIENCe and BELESCO was a success and gathered more than 100 ESCO, researchers and other payers of the energy industry. We are loo[...]


AEPC concept and ABEPeM proof-of-concept

AEPC is a new concept and contract model that improves the outcomes from energy performance contracting by incorporating flexibility and demand respon[...]


Overview of actors, roles and business models related to Enhanced EPC and Building Demand Response Services

Delivering services to buildings based on an Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) model provides an interesting new opportunity to En[...]


AmBIENCe partners with other H2020 projects to advise EU leaders on preparing the energy transition

AmBIENCe partnered up with other 7 H2020 projects to advise EU leaders on how to prepare buildings for energy transition.The transition to a forward-l[...]


FLEXCON2020 recordings released

The FLEXCON2020 track on Active managed buildings and energy performance contracts has been a success! Nilufar Neyestani (INESC TEC) and Jef Verbeeck [...]


Proposing a new forecaster based on artificial intelligence

The AmBIENCe project consortium has published an article in a special issue of the open-access journal Energies.The article is entitled "Very Short-Te[...]


Analysis of directives and policies for active building EPC

The deliverable 1.1 - Analysis of directives, policies, measures and regulation relevant for the Active Building EPC concept and business models has b[...]


Second General Assembly went fully digital

The second AmBIENCe General Assembly took place on 8th and 9th July through digital channels. The meeting was planned to be held at INESC TEC, Porto, [...]