Business Models

Are you interested in improving energy performance of your buildings? AmBIENCe project provide the new concept of Active Buildings energy performance contracts that increases flexibility and enhances performance of buildings

AmBIENCe developed different Active Building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) business models that can be explored using the filter below to select different types of buildings. You can select different parameters from the filter to obtain the most suitable business models with all the details on the actors and their relations.


The AEPC business models guide includes a thorough analysis, available here.

Variation C.4

This case is again a variation of the previous Business Models for apartment buildings...

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Variation C.3

In this variation, the only difference is the fact that the financier directly finances the Association...

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Variation C.2

In this variation of the Business Model for collective apartment buildings, the main...

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Variation C.1

The business model in case of collective residential housing, i.e. apartment buildings with multiple...

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Variation B.5

In this variation the Energy Services Company (ESCO) goes one step further and also integrates the...

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Variation B.4

In this variation, the Energy Services Company (ESCO) implements explicit Demand Response (DR)...

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Variation B.3

The Energy Services Company (ESCO) integrating the Demand Response (DR) into what...

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Variation B.2

In this model the Energy Services Company (ESCO) substitutes the customer as the contact and...

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Variation B.1

In this variation, the Energy Services Company (ESCO) implements Energy Efficiency (EE) measures,...

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Variation A.2

In this variation, which in all other aspects corresponds to variation A.1 (generic model), the financing of...

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Variation A.1

In this generic Active building Energy Performance Contracting (AEPC) Business Model,...

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