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What isAmBIENCe?

Actively Managed Buildings with Energy Performance Contracting- is an H2020 project that aims to extend the concept of energy performance contracting for active building and making the model available and attractive to a wider range of building typologies.

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Within the AmBIENCe consortium, we are establishing a community of stakeholders who serves to benefit from the new model of active energy performance contracting. By joining our community, you can shape the design of new business and contract models. We will provide you with cutting-edge knowledge of active energy performance contracting development through our workshops, webinars and reports.

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White paper on smart financing and business models

Sharing our lessons learned and preliminary results from early simulations


KPI calculation tool to calculate emission reductions by adoption of demand response for different energy scenario’s towards 2050

Within the AmBIENCe project scenario’s to adopt active control in combination with electrification have been described. The outcomes of different […]


A Database that aims to improve the field of building energy performance

We have just released D4.1 - Database of grey-box model parameter values for EU building typologies.This report describes the development of a Europea[...]


Proposal for a new amendment to the EED to set a more ambitious annual target for the reduction of final energy consumption compared to that planned for 2030

Marialaura Di Somma, Giorgio Graditi from ENEA, Dipartimento Tecnologie Energetiche e Fonti Rinnovabili and Roberta D’Angiolella from Buildings Perfor[...]


dotLab Radio Host Patrick Haughey welcomes Lieven Vanstraelen and Dr Victor Fabregat Tena. Find out more!

The European Commission states that the EU building stock currently accounts for 40% of the EU’s energy consumption and 36% of greenhouse gas emission[...]


We were mentioned at the TKI event! (watch the whole event)

We were mentioned at the TKI event that took place on December 14, being the eighth webinar in the Smart Energy Community series. The theme of this ev[...]


AmBIENCe & ENEA joint webinar

The joint event of AmBIENCe and ENEA was a success and gathered more than 30 italian stakeholders. We are looking forward to future opportunities of d[...]


Fourth General Assembly ended up being fully digital again

The fourth AmBIENCe General Assembly took place on 25th and 26th November through digital channels. The meeting was scheduled to […]


White paper on smart financing and business models coming out!

AmBIENCe has been collaborating with the SmartBuilt4EU project in the release of a white paper on smart financing and business models.The document gat[...]