Energinvest is a strategic, financial and operational consulting firm specializing in the design, implementation and evaluation of investment programs and energy efficiency projects for private and public clients. Energinvest offers extensive expertise in third-party financing mechanisms, energy performance contracting (EPC), energy public-private partnerships (EPPP) and public-private third party investment (TPI) in the energy efficiency sector. Energinvest has over 50 man years of expertise in this sector, especially in managing public and private ESCO/TPF companies in financing energy efficiency and EPC project management. It offers its services on the Belgian and international markets. Core competencies include:
• Go-to-market strategies for energy services and third party investment.
• Study and modelling of technical and financial support for EPC contracts, multi-year investment plans, operational and/or financial ESCOs/TPFs, investment funds in energy efficiency and renewables.
• Financial engineering, support in the project financing and financial arrangements and negotiations with financial institutions.
• Assistance in project management and support in the implementation of EPC contracts, multi-year investment plans, operational and/or financial ESCOs/TPFs and investment funds in energy efficiency and renewables.

Energinvest (Belgium) is, since 2010, founding member and President of BELESCO, the Belgian ESCO association and was the structural operator of the Fedesco Knowledge centre, the Belgian competence centre for Energy Services and Third Party Financing to local public authorities, from 2009 to 2015. Energinvest was an expert in the EESI project (European Energy Services Initiative, under the Intelligent Energy Europe program) and is a member of the group of experts of the DSMIV Task 16 of the International Energy Agency on“Innovative energy services. Energinvest is also co-author of the innovative smartEPC standard contract model applied by the Federal Building Agency and several municipalities and supported by most Belgian ESCOs. Energinvest co-author of the CITYnvest study (H2020) on innovative financing mechanisms for large scale energy efficiency projects in private and public buildings. Finally, the company is an active partner in ongoing innovation projects like CITIZEE, StepUp, AmBIENCe, EEnvest (Horizon2020) and Bruwatt (Innoviris Living Labs).