The Buildings Performance Institute Europe (BPIE) is a not-for-profit think-tank with a focus on independent analysis and knowledge dissemination, supporting evidence-based policymaking in the field of energy performance in buildings, throughout Europe and beyond.

BPIE has a multifaceted approach to achieving efficiency improvements in buildings and promotes policy support to further improve regulatory measures, financial incentives and market conditions that lead to the construction and retrofit of buildings with high energy performance.

The focus is on ensuring the vigorous implementation of the EU legislation linked to buildings across the EU Member States, as well as to enhance financing of deep energy renovation of the existing buildings.

BPIE provides open-source research, analysis, knowledge-sharing and advisory activities to the European Institutions, policy-makers in the EU Member States and neighbouring countries, the scientific community as well as private sector stakeholders and the civil society.

BPIE leads the dissemination and communication work together with INESC TEC and… is a contributor to several research activities, including policy analysis and recommendations.