Demand Flexibility and Energy Efficiency Workshop

April 8, 2022, 9:30am – 11:30pm (CET)

CEIT and Tekniker are organizing a national workshop dedicated to Demand Flexibility and Energy Efficiency.

The aim of the workshop is to make the stakeholders aware about the opportunities associated with the implementation of energy flexibility measures and active energy performance contracts, both with a view to expanding their business and in terms of reduction of environmental impacts related to buildings consumption. Results of three innovation projects will be exposed: OPTICOGEN, NIERBIMO and AmBIENCe.


  • Welcome & Introduction to the event
    • The market and regulatory framework: enablers and barriers
      • Project 1: OptiCogen - Plataforma inteligente de datos para plantas de cogeneración
        • Project 2: NIERBIMO - NZEB integrando Energía Renovables, BIM Instalaciones Mantenimiento y Operación
          • Project 3: AmBIENCe - Actively Managed Buildings with Energy Performance Contracting
            • AmBIENCe project introduction
            • Active Building EPC
            • ABEPeM platform: Active Building Energy Performance Modelling platform
            • The emerging business models and pilot results
            • Next steps
              • Polls and Q&A session
              • The national stakeholders will be involved in a roundtable discussion on the topics presented by the AmBIENCe consortium.