The energy transition series: Planning support for green buildings and cities
July 22, 2020, 10:10 a.m – 11:22 p.m (CEST)


  • Chris Caerts, Project & Product Manager, VITO (AmBIENCE project coordinator)
  • Martin Jakob, Executive partner, TEP Energy Steffen Robbi, Business-Manager, AIT Austrian Institute of Technology

We are living in transformative times. Times when we need to re-evaluate everything we know. Everything we are. Everything we want to achieve as a society.

In remembering what is really important and relevant, the European Heat Pump Association (EHPA) is inviting the community to uncover together the essence of green, digital and cost-efficient energy transition in EHPA online series running from May to September 2020.

In this context, Chris Caerts, from VITO and coordinator of AmBIENCe, is going to participate in the “Planning support for green buildings and cities” webinar. The webinar will take place on July 22, from 10:10 CET.

Chris Caerts will present AmBIENCe under the motto “Decarbonizing buildings and cities: smart energy consumption planning is as important as energy consumption reduction.” Moreover, the AmBIENCe’s ABEPEM methodology and tool will be presented addressing the decarbonization barriers by focusing on electrification in combination with Demand Response. The presentation will be followed by a Q&A session discussing the following topics:

  • Green buildings and cities
  • The obstacles to achieving ‘net-zero’ buildings from property developers and construction point of view
  • The challenges of Renovation programs and the required changes
  • The role of policy in supporting green buildings and its conflicting effects.