June 11, 11h-12.30h (CEST)
Webinar | Enablers and barriers for the Active Building EPC: Regulatory aspects
Speaker: Marialaura Di Somma, Research Engineer at ENEA

The Active Building Energy Performance Contract (EPC) model proposed in the AmBIENCe project extends the traditional EPC in the following three dimensions:

  1. Extending energy performance guarantees related to energy efficiency to include the valorisation of flexibility through Demand Response (DR) services;
  2. Tailor EPCs to a broad scope of building types (residential, hospitals, education offices, commerce, etc.);
  3. Extending the scope to groups/clusters of buildings under the concept of Aggregators or (local) energy communities.

The analysis of the current directives, policies and measures that are relevant for the Active Building EPC concept at EU level and across the Member States is the key to understand what are the best practices and gaps in the current regulatory framework that might have a significant impact in the successful deployment of the Active Building EPC.

In this webinar, Marialaura D Somma, from ENEA, is going to present the regulatory enablers and barriers for the Active Building EPC. The EU regulatory framework and vision are analysed, by focusing the attention on the most recent developments and policies putting citizens at the centre of the energy system as active consumers and promoting demand flexibility as a crucial element to foster the energy transition. The analysis at Member States level looks at what are the main enablers and barriers in the regulatory framework to foster the deployment of the concepts and business models proposed in AmBIENCe to combine savings from energy efficiency measures and the active control of assets enabling the use of flexibility in buildings.

This initiative is part of a series of webinars organised by the consortium. The three webinars will focus on enablers, barriers and opportunities to develop the AmBIENCe business model. Save the date:

  • June 18 | Enablers and barriers for the Active Building EPC: Flexibility aspect (link)
  • June 29 | “Exploring the Business model and opportunity for the Active building EPC” (link)

This event is powered by the Energy Days Initiative organised every year by the European Commission within the scope of the Sustainable Energy Week. Organised by local public and private organisations, Energy Days are activities and events that promote a clean energy transition.