Within the AmBIENCe project scenario’s to adopt active control in combination with electrification have been described. The outcomes of different scenarios can be simulated using the KPI calculation tool. This simulation tool starts from the present building stock including different types of heat production systems and calculates the evolution of CO2 emissions for a given scenario. The user has the option to define different renovation and electrification uptake rates, renovation cost, evolution of the CO2 intensity of electricity and uptake of Demand Response. The results of the simulation are saved both as a MS Excel workbook and Python pickle file to allow for additional analysis. Basic graphs on the results by country, building type, renovation cost, … are also generated next to country-specific graphs. The tool itself is not yet final, but can be made available for interested persons. At the moment scenarios have to be defined using a configuration file as there is no user friendly version yet. Suggestions for improvement are highly appreciated. Are you interested to know more or to perform simulations with the tool, please contact jan.diriken@vito.be.